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About Us

Great Start is a  non-profit preschool. Our primary goal of providing quality education and care for young children, rather than making a profit. We pride ourselves in operating  as community-based organization and aim to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children to learn and grow, with a focus on developing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.


We are located in the heart of Gilbert on the East side of Val Vista Dr. just south of Warner.  We serve students aged 2-5 for preschool and daycare, and children grades K-6 for before and after school care!  We are DES approved and state licensed. Our facility is located on three acres of sprawling green grass. Our playground features play structures and child sized wild west town under  mature pecan and mulberry trees. Our large property allows us to host Kids Carnivals, Easter Picnics, Water Days, and more!  We involve our students in these carnivals by perform songs and dances for parents. 

You will find that we are a different kind of childcare facility. We are family oriented and focus on the emotional safety and happiness of each student. We are firm believers that in order to succeed in the classroom, children must first feel connected, safe and loved.  


We offer flexible schedules, payment plans and multiple discounts.  Give us a call at 480-917-5437 to hear more about our programs, or to make an appointment for a tour. 

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